Episode 161 – ”Romantic Fiction Marketing Research with Author Jadesola James: The Blaze Project”


Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern Author Jadesola James returns to the podcast today

You can find Author Jadesola James’s website here.

You can keep up with Author Jadesola James on Instagram here.

You can keep up with Author Jadesola James on her Facebook page here.

Get your copies of Jadesola James titles from Harlequin’s website here.

You can find her titles on Mills & Boon UK’s website here.

Her titles can be found on Mills & Boon Australia’s website here.

Patreon page is linked here

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Our Email is thecategoricallyromancepod@gmail.com

This podcast is engineered by Sincere Alexander and contains music from Lukrembo

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